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It 'a real war of clones that which takes place for the throne of the best strategic freemium: when the Emperor is unique Clash of Clans, but when it came Star Wars Commander, we were hoping for something different that could bring out this title from mass of twelve millions of similar games. The fact that it was free SW Commander has put a flea in the ear of lava, but as good Padawan optimistic we installed & hoped.

In SW Commander There are two main sections: the first is your base (the game is set on Tatooine in the classic trilogy), you have to build and flourish type Tamagochi. There are several structures that you can place more or less freely in the scope, among which military buildings (to train troops) and defense installations, such as turrets and walls anti-blaster. A point in favor of the game is that you can "move" some installations (like the turrets and walls mentioned above) so that they are always useful when the base is enlarged.

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The single player campaign of the game, which in fact also works as a tutorial to test Jar Jar Binks and tupidi, almost immediately takes you beyond your base, in the second "section": you'll have to attack enemy bases (as is expected, Jabba De 'Hut has always meddled in the affairs more filthy) with your army. In these scenarios, you will need to place your "army" on the map, and then the unit will act independently - unfortunately you can not give any orders. Right at the beginning of the game you can choose to ally with the Rebels or the Empire: this decision affects then the evolution of the campaign and the type of drive that you can build, as well as the legendary heroes who can enlist.

Other missions involve the defense instead of the base: in this case, you have virtually no control on the action, you'll have to hope that the turrets and walls contain enemy attacks.

While considering that it is a freemium game, in which Basically or pay or aspects, SW Commander could still be a great strategy game. Meet Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader (the Italian translation, though generally good, it's a bit 'of confusion and sometimes calls him Lord Vader) is always a treat for fans of Star Wars, and unleash hordes of rebels or AT-AT against enemy bases is a pleasure.

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Unfortunately, the game is ruined by an artificial intelligence that would better define "deficiency" in the sense that literally the troops do not get it. When you attack the bases, for example, your "trooper" got excited shooting at walls built into thin, even when they are targeted by enemies. They die like flies to destroy installations useless, while a few steps there are often opponents on which to vent their blaster or, better yet, the buildings-mission objectives.

"Cursed wall, I will destroy you!"

The game is continually updated by inserting new campaigns and missions: we'll keep an eye on, and if it were to change something on the IA troops will update this page.

However, the game "comes" with a fair amount of crystals, which are then "currency" of SW Commander: The first two or three hours of the game are quite funny (IA demented separately), since you can "spend "crystals to speed the creation of units and the construction of buildings. But when the crystals end, you'll have to decide whether to buy more via in-app purchases, or whole half-hour wait. The fact that the "maxi pack" is actually 90 euro does not bode well that the inevitable Money Wall, the time when you are almost forced to pay to continue, it is so far away - and that is a wall that not even an AT -AT can break down.

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